Our Portfolio


Chappyz is a pioneering web3 platform that facilitates connections, collaboration, and rewards within a vibrant ecosystem.


Oobit is a leading mobile payment app that offers a seamless way to pay with crypto both in-store and globally.


CMCC Global accelerates innovation in blockchain technology and the crypto ecosystem.


DACM is a global institutional investor focused on the digital asset sector. DACM provides investment opportunities in the digital asset sector.


CoinFantasy is the world's first decentralized investment gaming platform. It allows users to choose their portfolios to outsmart opponents and win rewards.

Ultron Glow

UltronGlow is a decentralized storage solution enabling individuals to store their data & information securely, efficiently, and privately.

The Game Company

The Game Company is a a gaming platform that combines technology and innovation for an inclusive and affordable gaming experience.


Arakis is a Web3-based travel platform that empowers travelers to earn money while exploring the world.


Carbo-x is a blockchain-based marketplace for verified carbon credits.


Renegade is a platform that aims to integrate traditional banking and cryptocurrency services


Aerobloc stands for the civil aviation industry's long-awaited Web3 transformation.


Acxyn is focused on revolutionizing the gaming industry with Web3 technology.


GOQii is a preventive health company that offers a smart preventive healthcare ecosystem.

The Binary Holdings

The Binary Holdings is an ecosystem of companies that operate in the digital social,

Fluent Finance

Fluent Finance is a financial technology infrastructure company that provides an infrastructure to enable banks to issue digital assets directly to public blockchains.


Fineqia, an international company with building an alternative digital asset business and holds a growing portfolio of investments in blockchain and other digital assets.


Tyqoon is the next generation of digital commerce. It aims to empower consumers and businesses to build sustainable growth and socially positive values.


Boom is an e-commerce ecosystem that enables everybody to buy, sell and pay for everything online without a bank account.


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Kasta is the cryptocurrency token that offers a wide range of applications and benefits within the Kasta ecosystem.


Betswap.gg is a decentralized betting exchange based on Ethereum's layer 2 blockchain, the first legitimate rival to the world's dominant betting exchanges.