Luna Capital is a

Private & Strategic
Investment Firm

Specializing in Early-Stage Web3 & Emerging Tech Projects

about us

Welcome to Luna Capital, a dynamic subsidiary of Luna Media Corporation strategically investing within the transformative landscapes of Web3 and Emerging Technologies. Since our establishment in September 2021, Luna Capital has been at the forefront, deploying over $15 million in seed and private round investments globally. We are steadfastly committed to fostering industry advancement by strategically investing in visionary entrepreneurs and pioneering projects.

about us

Our goal is to drive innovation and growth in the digital frontier by identifying and supporting initiatives that push boundaries and redefine possibilities. What sets Luna Capital apart is our unparalleled commitment to strategic foresight, meticulous due diligence, and hands-on support. We don't just invest; we cultivate partnerships, providing unparalleled access to expertise, networks, and resources essential for sustainable growth.

investment approach

Diverging from conventional investment models, we actively pursue ventures that resonate with our overarching vision. Our approach is holistic, aiming to cultivate an ecosystem where Web3 and Emerging Tech innovations thrive under Luna Capital's guidance and extensive network of industry luminaries and governmental bodies. We prioritize forging strategic alliances with trailblazing startups, driving widespread evolution and adoption within the Web3 and Emerging Technology sectors.

Acknowledging the dynamic nature of these markets, our efforts center on continuous research and the development of adaptable investment frameworks. In addition to financial backing, Luna Capital leverages the expertise of our acclaimed PR and Marketing agency, Luna PR.

Through tailored PR and Marketing services, we empower our invested projects to achieve meaningful growth and impact.

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