Luna Media Capital is a

Private & Strategic
Investment Firm

Specializing in Early-Stage Web3 & Emerging Tech Projects

about us

Luna Media Capital is a subsidiary of Luna Media Corporation, dedicated to strategic private investments in early-stage projects within the Web3 and Emerging Technology industries.

about us

Established in September 2021, we have deployed over $15 million in seed and private round investments globally and have a deep-rooted commitment to driving industry enhancement by strategically partnering with visionary entrepreneurs and groundbreaking projects.

investment approach

Unlike traditional investment firms, we actively seek out projects that align with our vision, taking a holistic approach to creating an ecosystem where Web3 and Emerging Tech initiatives flourish under Luna Media Capital's mentorship and extensive network of thought-leaders and government entities. We focus on building strategic partnerships with transformative startups that propel the mass evolution and adoption of the Web3 and Emerging Technology industries. 

Recognizing the round-the-clock nature of these markets, we prioritize continuous research and the establishment of adaptable investment frameworks.

Beyond financial support, Luna Media Capital harnesses the expertise of our award-winning PR and Marketing agency, Luna PR, to position and nurture the growth of our invested projects through PR and Marketing services, ensuring impactful growth.

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